Finding a Family

You and your Adoption Professional will consider every option to make a good plan for you and your baby. Here are some things to think about when finding a family for your baby:

  • Pick an adoptive family from descriptions and photos
  • Meet the adoptive family, with or without exchanging names
  • Receive financial assistance for medical and living expenses, if needed
  • Be guaranteed that the baby will be placed with the family you choose
  • Spend time with your baby in the hospital
  • Arrange for your baby to go home from the hospital with the adoptive family
  • Exchange photos and letters with the adoptive family as your baby grows
  • Visit the baby and family following the adoption

You want to make sure your baby goes to a good family. You get to decide how involved you are in choosing a family. You can feel good that your baby will go to a loving family. All of the families waiting to adopt have gone through Kinship Center’s “Family Study.” They have passed background checks and completed training requirements. Adoptive families have met both existing laws and Kinship Center’s requirements to be recommended as adoptive parents.

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