Will you help me with counseling even though I’m unsure about whether to place my baby for adoption?

Yes. You get to make the decision about whether adoption is right for you and your child. We are here to help you. This decision will affect the rest of your life and your child’s life. We will help you choose the best plan. Kinship Center can even help you after the baby is born.

Can I be involved in choosing the family for my baby and is my choice guaranteed?

Yes, you can be as involved as you want to be. You can select your baby’s new parents and be guaranteed placement with them. You have choices through what we call “open adoption” and you decide how much contact you want with the adoptive family. Kinship Center will help you and the family build a relationship that will benefit your child.

How can I be sure my baby will be placed with a good family?

We will help you choose a family that has been carefully screened and prepared for parenting. At Kinship Center, we get to know a couple very well before we approve them to be adoptive parents. We want to know that they have a solid marriage and are financially responsible. We discuss their reasons for wanting to adopt, and we get to know their interests, their lifestyle, and their medical history. We even get a fingerprint and criminal background check. We verify that they have no record of child abuse. We provide workshops on adoption and parenting which they must attend. You make the final decision. You can build a relationship with the family and be confident about your choice of parents for your baby.

Can I get any help from Kinship Center during the pregnancy – like money for expenses?

If you need help, Kinship Center has adoptive families who can help with your medical care, living expenses, or other costs related to the pregnancy (as allowed by state law). Kinship Center will also help you apply for any public assistance or insurance benefits (if you are eligible). We can also give you referrals for a safe, confidential living situation.

Can my baby go to the adoptive parents right from the hospital?

Yes. If that’s your decision at the time, we can help arrange that your child leaves the hospital with the adoptive parents.

If I choose adoption, when is my decision final?

Under California law, you do not have to decide about the adoption until after your baby is born. It’s a good idea to think about your plans as early in your pregnancy as possible, especially if you’d like your baby to go home with the adoptive family directly from the hospital. Kinship Center will never pressure you to make a decision until you are ready. Once you decide to place your baby for adoption and sign the necessary papers, your decision is permanent. Your baby will legally become a member of the adoptive family and will begin a lifetime relationship with them. This decision affects many people and Kinship Center is available to meet with you and the adoptive family.

After the adoption can I know how my baby’s getting along?

Kinship Center can help you decide what type of relationship works best for you, your child, and the adoptive family. You and the adoptive family may agree to stay in touch through letters, pictures, calls, and/or visits. We help prepare everybody for the feelings they may experience.

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