Lost and Found: A Story of Connection


“I was 21 and became pregnant”, Toy Dupree, now age 66, shares that her journey to adoption began while she was in college, dating a fellow student. She states that neither she nor the baby’s father felt capable of supporting a child at that time. Toy says that the idea of adoption just felt right to her since she herself was adopted. What she wasn’t prepared for was the on-going grief and loss that she would feel. Toy reached out and joined a birthmothers support group and found a therapist that assisted her in dealing proactively with her grief and loss. What she experienced from others was more compassion than she could have imagined. This led her to want to search for her son so at least he would have the opportunity to know the full story and share a connection . . . if that is what he wanted.

To learn more about Toy’s unique adoption story please check out the link below.

Lost and Found: A Birthmother’s Secret Son

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