An Honest Discussion About Open Adoption


– 6.5 year-old happy boy, in the zone. His awesome fishing skills come from ALL sides of his family.

One of the beliefs that we have here at Kinship Center is that no two Adoptions are ever the same. Every single adoption has its own set of unique challenges, joys, opportunities, crisis and triumphs. This is especially true in open adoptions where relationships are evolving over time and the losses experienced by both the birth mother and birth father are profound. It is often this core grief and loss that needs to be understood and acknowledged so relationship building can thrive. For an honest discussion between an adoptive mother and a birth mother (first mother) please check out the link below. What you will read is a wonderful story about two mothers who continue to work hard to do what is best for their son.

An Honest Discussion About Adoption Between My Son’s Birth Mother and Me

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