A Letter to My Son’s Birth Mother


A Letter to My Son’s Birth Mother was written by an adoptive mother who had so much that she wanted to share with the ‘first mother’ of her beautiful son. Sadly, she believes she will never have the opportunity to meet her and share her thoughts and feelings in person since her son was adopted from an orphanage overseas. In the letter she shares that as her sons second birthday approached she couldn’t help thinking about his ‘first mother’ and what she would be experiencing. She states ‘On Saturday when we light the candles on his cake, we’ll light one for you, too, sending up a prayer as we blow it out and send the smoke sailing across the seas. I hope with everything in me that you hear it when the wind whispers past bringing my good wishes and a gratitude so huge that I feel like I could collapse under the weight of the joy it brings. I hope the wind carries away some of your grief and leaves you a bit of peace’.

To learn more about this story from the series Portrait of An Adoption hosted by the Huffington Post, check out the link below:


2 Responses to “A Letter to My Son’s Birth Mother”

  • It is so great to see families honor the past for their adopted children. This will only be a positive thing for the child in the future.

  • How absolutely lucky this child is to have a mother who values and understands the importance of the memory of the birth mom. He will feel the love not only from her, but also from his birth mom as he grows up because of the value and appreciation this woman has for the woman who created this miracle.

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