A Birth Father’s Tale



It is so rare that we honestly hear from birth fathers about their experience of placing a child for adoption…I have been privileged to meet many wonderful men through the years who have come forward to plan for their child’s future by making an adoption plan. But sadly, this is not always the case and many fathers are not involved in the adoption planning for their child. Historically, many birth fathers were shut out of the process or felt they had no choice or say in the adoption planning of their child…It was refreshing to find this YouTube video of Andrew Ward, a writer and birth father, speaking about his life long journey of making sense of the adoption of his infant son…He speaks candidly and clearly dispels the myth about birth fathers not caring about their child placed for adoption…click the link below to hear Andrew’s story

A Birth Father’s Tale


2 Responses to “A Birth Father’s Tale”

  • Thank you for highlighting the birth father’s point of view. Birth fathers feelings and thoughts are so important and valuable to an adoptee. Great story.

  • This story is never told enough. What struck me the most is the subconscious way he looked for his son. How much of what we do is because we are touched by adoption?

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