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Open Adoption Keeps Birth Mom on the Family Tree


Did you know that Al Roker, of the Today Show, is an adoptive father? He commented on the TODAY show, that 27 years ago, when he and his wife were adopting, there wasn’t much said about openness in adoption.  “When I adopted my daughter 27 years ago, the thought of being connected to her birth mother never crossed our minds,” he said. But things have changed, and we know much more now about the importance of keeping connections. The largest national study in the field to date, the National Survey of Adoptive Parents conducted in 2007-2008, involved telephone surveys with the parents of 2,089 adopted children; over two-thirds – 68 percent — of the parents in private domestic adoptions reported post-adoption contact between children and their birth family members. Check out this video clip from the Today Show this week where we get to meet two moms who have forged a very special relationship. “The first time we met, it was terribly emotional,” Keane recalled. “Liane asked the question: ‘Why do you want an open adoption?’ And she looked at me, straight in the face, and said, ‘I want to be able to tell him later that I loved him.’”

Open Adoption keeps birth mom in the family tree