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One Pregnancy, Two Mothers


Molly, age 40, and Valerie, age 24, have something VERY significant in common – both are Mothers to a beautiful little boy named Theo. Theo was born to Valerie who stated that she was not able or prepared to parent him at the time of his birth so she decided to make an adoption plan for Theo. Valerie and Molly originally met via facebook and have continued to stay connected through social media. We know social media is changing the way we connect and relate in profound ways and this is even more true for many adoption built families. Molly stated that they recently skyped with Valerie and her mother, Theo’s grandmother, and for her, they are extended family. For more on this story and how social media is changing the landscape in adoption, click the link below


How social media is changing adoption


Heartbreak, Hope and Healing: A Young Mothers Adoption Story


Callie, a photojournalism student at the University of Iowa was struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. Her journey in making a decision to find the right family for both her and her child, was not an easy one. Here is an update on Callie’s story which we shared in an earlier post. Callie chose a family that was willing to create an open adoption and the result has been quite unexpected. Callie admits that her journey through the crisis of her own unplanned pregnancy was filled with heartache, loneliness and fear. Her strongest desire was to make the best decision for herself and her child. To get an update on this modern, blended family check out this NBC News video with Brian Williams.

Callie’s story