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Lost and Found: A Story of Connection


“I was 21 and became pregnant”, Toy Dupree, now age 66, shares that her journey to adoption began while she was in college, dating a fellow student. She states that neither she nor the baby’s father felt capable of supporting a child at that time. Toy says that the idea of adoption just felt right to her since she herself was adopted. What she wasn’t prepared for was the on-going grief and loss that she would feel. Toy reached out and joined a birthmothers support group and found a therapist that assisted her in dealing proactively with her grief and loss. What she experienced from others was more compassion than she could have imagined. This led her to want to search for her son so at least he would have the opportunity to know the full story and share a connection . . . if that is what he wanted.

To learn more about Toy’s unique adoption story please check out the link below.

Lost and Found: A Birthmother’s Secret Son

Unplanned Pregnancy

unplanned 2

Did you know that 1 out of 2 pregnancies in America are unplanned? Every day thousands of women find themselves in the crisis of an unintended pregnancy. The first thing that you should know is that you do have choices. If adoption is one of the options that you are considering for you and your baby, it’s important to find a therapist, counselor or social worker who can provide information and answer your questions in an honest and neutral way. In order to make the very best decision for both you and your baby it’s important that you research and discover what all of your options and choices are regarding your pregnancy. Coping with an unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming and scary . . . if you would like to speak with one of our licensed social workers please feel free to fill out the contact information or call.

The link below is to an article titled ‘Are You Pregnant and Thinking About Adoption’ from the Child Welfare Information Gateway. It will help you to explore what some of your choices and options are for your unplanned pregnancy.

Are You Pregnant and Thinking About Adoption

Pregnant What Do I Do?


Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy? Not sure what to do? Do you know what all of your options are? Do you need to ask questions and find out what your choices are? This is a difficult time for you and our experienced professionals are here to help and support you. It is important that you find someone you can trust to help you through this time. Even though you didn’t plan on this, you do have options and choices! Is adoption something that could be the right choice for you and your baby? We want you to know that Kinship Center is here to help you with your pregnancy and will respect whatever decision you make. We’re here to help support you in making the best decision for both you and your baby.

Check out the link below to see a To Do List of the things you can start doing today to take good care of both you and your baby!

Pregnancy To Do List

One Pregnancy, Two Mothers



Molly, age 40, and Valerie, age 24, have something VERY significant in common – both are Mothers to a beautiful little boy named Theo. Theo was born to Valerie who stated that she was not able or prepared to parent him at the time of his birth so she decided to make an adoption plan for Theo. Valerie and Molly originally met via facebook and have continued to stay connected through social media. We know social media is changing the way we connect and relate in profound ways and this is even more true for many adoption built families. Molly stated that they recently skyped with Valerie and her mother, Theo’s grandmother, and for her, they are extended family. For more on this story and how social media is changing the landscape in adoption, click the link below

How social media is changing adoption