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Make a Plan for adoption

Make a plan for your adoption

Adoptive Parents: Once you make the decision to adopt, make a plan as to how you want to accomplish the plan. Set a realistic timeline, make goals, and take consistent steps toward these goals. Looking at all the paperwork and classes required to be an approved adoptive family might seem very daunting and time consuming. But having a plan and taking one step after another helps families work toward their goals. Use your social worker at the agency to help you with these steps. Social workers are there to help guide you and ultimately will be by your side when you are matched with a child.

Birth Parents: Making a plan is another important part of the adoption process. You are in control of your adoption plan. You make the decisions that will be put into place for your child. You can choose the family, meet that family, make a plan for how things will go at the hospital and then you can make a plan as to how your post adoption contact will go with the adoptive parents. Many birth parents don’t realize that their input is valued and honored in adoption.


Pregnant, confused and alone

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Callie Mitchell is a young college student in Iowa who is studying photojournalism. Last summer she unexpectedly became pregnant. The pregnancy caused problems and stressors in her relationship with her boyfriend and they broke up. Callie decided to journal and photograph her journey in making the most difficult decision she had ever made.

In the article ‘Heartbreak, hope and healing: Birth mother tells her adoption story’ Callie shares the anguish, pain and isolation she felt throughout her pregnancy. But that’s only the beginning of this story . . . sorrow and joy are always in the same cup!

heartbreak, hope and healing

Remembering all Fathers this Father’s Day

fathers day

On this Father’s Day we’ll be thinking of all of the Father’s that have had an impact on shaping our lives. An expanded definition of Father often includes step fathers, birth fathers, grandfathers who are raising their grandkids and uncles/mentors. We are grateful for all of the men in our lives who are positive role models and who continue to help us learn and grow.

The link below is to a powerful piece on Steve Jobs who not only was the co-founder of Apple, he was also an adoptee and a father.

It’s Good To Have Choices


Yes, it’s good to have choices. That is especially true when you’re looking for adoptive parents for your baby. And while searching the internet will present lots of options it also comes with its share of risks. There are adoption agencies, attorneys, facilitators and prospective adoptive parents all seeking to connect with a prospective birth mother.

The benefits of being able to search for prospective adoption parents on the internet are mainly due to the increased accessibility of the many choices available to mothers. You can search from the convenience of your home and access profiles from all across the U.S.

The main pitfall is the lack of professional guidance. The decision to make an adoption plan for you and  your baby is one of the most significant, life-changing decisions you’ll ever make. Being able to access professional guidance from an experienced licensed professional who can help you make the best decision for both you and your baby is critical.

Yes, it’s good to have choices! Whether those choices lead to the making of an adoption plan should always be up to the mother.