Monthly Archive for May, 2013

Mother’s Day Party

Table party

Mother’s Day can be a difficult time for women who have chosen to place their child for adoption.  Because of that, Kinship Center holds a party to celebrate these women and the courageous choice they made for their children.  There is a core group of women who usually attend this party.  They come knowing that they will be surrounded with other women who understand what they are feeling.  One woman told the group that this was her first mother’s day and it was more emotional than she had anticipated.  She was able to hear that other people had that same experience and how they got through the sadness year after year.

It is helpful that there is some connection between some of our birth mothers and the adoptive families.  Having information about their children and how they are doing helps ease the pain.  All the women brought pictures of their children to the party.  They are very proud of their children and love to get these pictures to show off with one another.

There should always be a place where people who have had the same experience come together to get support, understanding and compassion.