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Open vs. Closed Adoption??

 Unplanned pregnancy? Wondering  if adoption might be the right option for you? Are you confused with a number of questions?  Are  you looking for help and answers ? What about closed vs. open adoption ? Is it harder to have an open adoption? I’ve often heard that question being asked from young women and men when they first come to Kinship Center to explore adoption…. they often fear openness would be harder to handle than a closed adoption… A recent study conducted by the University of Texas finds just the opposite…..Researchers studied a total of 721 individuals, including birth mothers, adoptive parents and adopted children and adolescents from 1987 to 2000…their research concluded that for most birth mothers the more openness they had in the adoption the greater their satisfaction was with the adoption as well as lower levels of grief and more satisfaction with their role as birthmother  in relationship to their adopted child…  open adoption is not without its challenges it takes courage and commitment to stay present and involved in your child’s life and it takes courage and maturity to develop a solid and loving relationship with the adoptive parents…building a relationship takes time  and often support is needed  to navigate the waters of open adoption …Kinship Center can help you explore your choices regarding the type of adoption that is important to you ..It’s your choice… click link below to see a synopsis of the University of Texas study.. and if you think we can help you with your adoption plan contact Kinship Center at

Just found out you are pregnant? Unplanned, scared and confused about your options?

I found this step by step guidebook to help a woman confronted with an unplanned pregnancy explore feelings and options…the information is straight forward and every option is explored…this is a great starting point and may help to bring clarity and answers to what may seem to be an overwhelming and scary situation…click below to link for a free down load of this workbook that may help to clear the confusion and fear you are experiencing regarding your pregnancy… Kinship Center is a private non profit child welfare agency dedicated to helping woman explore their options in a caring and non judgemental atmosphere call to speak to one of our experienced counselors… toll free 1888 466 6693…could your heart be open to adoption…view available adoptive parent photos and biographies at… …..also be sure to download the pregnancy options workbook

Birth parents share their reaction to 1st visit with birth son and adoptive family…

Love this you tube clip of birth mother and birth father sharing their reaction to visiting  for the first time with their infant son they placed for adoption…nice to have a perspective from a birth father ..hats off to this newly formed family through open adoption for having the courage to record their reactions ….what a wonderful  way for this baby to know how loved he is by both his birth and adoptive family… also for him to  have honest information to better understand why he was placed for adoption and a vehicle to openly deal with the grief and loss issues that adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents feel as they live their lives through a “relationship built open adoption”… click below to link to “Sawyer meets his birth parents”

Pregnant and confused over your options…could adoption be the answer?

Kinship Center has over 28 years experience helping woman throughout California to look at their options regarding an unplanned pregnancy…our counselors are here to help you… not to judge you or tell you what to do…services are free and confidential…adoption can be an option but its a big step and needs to be well thought out… you have choices and your decisions must be heard and respected…. adoption has life altering consequences and is not simple..finding people to trust who will help you explore your reasons and help you to find the answers to your questions is critical…Kinship Center counselors are here to help you…link below to some frequently asked questions as well as real stories from woman who worked with us… also explore our parent profiles of couples waiting to adopt… contact us toll free at 1-888-466-6693

Diary of a Birth Mother: one young woman’s reasons for choosing adoption..

I came across this YouTube clip of a birth mother being interviewed by the adoptive family she choose to raise her infant..the interview is down to earth and the birth mother is genuine in her responses to difficult questions…I also love that during the interview she is holding her birth son…

click the link below to see this insightful diary…

10 things every birthmother wants adoptive parents to know

Author and birthmother Patricia Dischler writes from the heart regarding her experience of placing a child for adoption in 1985…She offers a beautiful and heartfelt perspective of 10 things that birth parents want adoptive families to know….. please click below to this beautifully written piece…