Monthly Archive for January, 2012

Pregnant?Is your heart open to planning an adoption for your baby? Do you have questions how to start the process??

Link to Kinship Center’s Frequently Asked Questions about placing your baby for adoption… Kinship Center offers free confidential adoption planning services and opportunity to plan an open adoption and choose the adoptive parents for your baby and enter into an open adoption..It’s your choice.

Pregnant? Considering an open adoption?Kinship Center can help you find an adoptive family for your baby…

Are you looking for a family to adopt your baby who would honor an open adoption? Families approved by Kinship Center ,a fully licensed California Adoption Agency¬†believe in open adoption and want to get to know the birth mother/birth father and birth family of the child and form a real relationship that is more than just an exchange of pictures and emails…they want to continue to build a real relationship that involves face to face contact through the years… click below to view waiting adoptive parent profiles.