Monthly Archive for December, 2011

Adoptee finds joy and connections in spite of grief….

I came across this heartwarming story of an adult adoptee who attempted to search for her birth family but the opportunity was lost out of fear…sadly her birth mother died without connecting with the daughter she placed for adoption 50 years ago…but in spite of the grief and what appeared to be a lost opportunity to connect another door was opened and the adoptee found a loving and open birth family who embraced her and filled in the missing pieces and connections…this story made me reflect on how brave birth mothers are who choose to be active participants in their children’s adoptions and although emotional and challenging for both adoptive families and birth families to keep the adoption open and to build ongoing relationships the child will be the beneficiary of all the adults hard work  and wisdom…

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Gift giving in an open adoption?

Last Christmas I wrote some suggestions about gift giving for Birth Parents involved in an open adoption… hope you find them helpful

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Pregnant considering adoption? Looking to choose a family to adopt your baby?

Kinship Center is dedicated to helping woman explore adoption and choose the family for their baby and enter into an open below to view  adoptive parent profiles..choose a family with confidence knowing that Kinship Center families are pre approved, and are required to take adoption classes…

Celebrating Birth Parents for the Holidays…

Placing a child voluntarily for adoption is a life altering choice with lifetime ramifications… the issues of grief and loss are profound for birth parents as well as adopted children… in addition adoptive parents also bring grief and loss issues to the adoption table… connecting with other families whether birth or adoptive families is a good thing to do… it also allows the great joys that are realized in adoption to be celebrated, discussed and acknowledged… Kinship Center sponsors several venues for both birth and adoptive families to share their viewpoints and to celebrate as well as to sometimes shoulder each others grief and loss related to the adoption… I am particularly proud of our Holiday Celebration that we sponsor each year just for “Birth Parents” to share their stories with each other… This year our celebration will take place on December 14th at 6:00pm at Kinship Center located in Tustin California… I’ve posted the invitation in hopes that we reach Birth Parents who are in the area and may want to attend… Most of the Birth Parents who attend are involved in a child centered, relationship built open adoption… where they are having regular and loving contact… offering the child and themselves all the possibilities that this type of open and loving relationship can hold… It still does not mean that the holidays aren’t hard for Birth Parents even with openness… Part of the Celebration is dedicated to holding a support group where each birth parent is given time to tell her story and provide updates on their current relationship with the adoptive family… There’s usually an abundance of food, support ,love and laughter and tears… if you are a birth parent in the area and would like to attend please contact us to RSVP.