10 things a birth parent can do to celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month:

Maybe you didn’t know but November is National Adoption Awareness Month…Hopefully birth parents can take an active role in celebrating and educating others on the realities of adoption and show the world the positives that adoption can hold for them as well as the children they lovingly placed for adoption…Adoption is not an easy choice and should only be undertaken after all other options have been explored…also whenever possible adoptions should be as open as possible with real relationships being built between birth and adoptive families… If you are a birth parent and want your voice heard consider doing at least one thing on this list of 10 things…

1. Join an adoption support group and share your story in person or go to an on line support group…each birth parent has a unique perspective to share…be honest and don’t be afraid to share from the heart..others need to know the realities both positive and negative about adoption.

2.Call a local adoption agency or the agency you worked with and ask if you can participate in a workshop or training they offer for prospective adoptive parents…people hoping to adopt need to hear how difficult adoption is from a birth parents perspective..hearing and seeing real birth parents helps to demystify who birth parents really are.

3.Make a family tree for your child that includes birth and adoptive family members…what a great message to send to your birth child… He/she can never have too many people to love them!

4.Blog about your experience especially if you have an on going relationship with the adoptive family and your birth child…The world needs to hear what the research supports..Open adoptions are healthy!!

5.Volunteer at the agency you used … Be a buddy or mentor to some one who is pregnant and may be considering adoption as an option…don’t hold back tell the truth you know better than anyone else what a life altering decision adoption is.

6.Think ahead to the month of May and start or find a Birth Mother’s Day Celebration  group to participate in … Join forces with other women who chose adoption.

7.Post your adoption journey on You Tube…share your adoption story…be sure to ask your child’s adoptive family if they are comfortable with this and ask if they will participate in the posting.

8.On a personal level seek counseling if you feeling emotionally “stuck “or feel your grief is holding you back from participating in your adoption.

9.Watch an adoption movie with a friend and share your perspective..Challenge any myths or stereotypes you see about adoption.

10.Send your birth child’s adoptive family  a  positive adoption book for their family library.

Being a birth parent isn’t always easy… you have a voice that needs to be heard… be proud of your decision and use your personal knowledge to educate others about the realities of adoption…Click to link to President Obama’s National Adoption Awareness Month Proclamation… http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2010/11/01/presidential-proclamation-national-adoption-month

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  • Thanks so much for this – it’s so important that we work to empower all of our birth parents

  • These are great ideas for birth parents. Their decision to place a child for adoption takes a lot of strength and courage. National Adoption Awareness Month is great time to honor our birth parents for their loving and selfless acts of courage.

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